Same level of learners, but…

different visa types of instructors needed…

hmmm….why should it be….?

Take a look at 2 job postings below. The first posting seeks for Korean Nationals or F4 visa holder instructors, while the second posting requests F2, F5, or F6 visa holders of EBP instructors. Here, in parenthesis, it indicates that F2,F5, or F6 must be ‘Native Speakers’ which will lead to another layer of questions. Who would fall into the category of Native Speakers of English for this job posting? Will Teri (See my voice-recorded interview with Teri) be one, for instance? Or, will she be rejected just because she was not born speaking English literally as her first language?

Plus, what could be so dramatically effective from the learners’ perspective by selecting one or another visa holders of instructors?

Clearly, both postings have similar level of learners’ English proficiency. The first posting indicates learners’ level ranging from ‘Basic to Intermediate’ while the second posting simply says ‘Pre-Intermediate’ level of learners.

My quench for the legitimate answer goes on…



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